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Paul Driessen Inside Out

Short documentary, 2002, 52 min.

Paul Driessen has made over twenty animated films since 1970. Each production is instantly recognisable, by its lively lineation, special timing and a distinct, at times black sense of humour. The usually wordless films have won dozens of international prizes, including an Oscar nomination for 3 Misses. In the portrait that director Guus van Waveren made of Driessen, he incorporated extracts from the latter's oeuvre in a creative way. For example, while Driessen walks through Montreal, where he lives, his actions are mirrored by analogous scenes from his animated films. Using effects like simultaneously showing parallel stories, using photographs that come to life and mixing black-and-white and colour, Van Waveren again refers to stylistic devices from Driessen's work. He also interviews colleagues of Driessen's, who largely keeps silent himself, except when working on sound effects in the studio.





Cinematographer - DoP


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