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10 Geboden - Een staat van zijn

Short documentary, 2000, 49 min.

`Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy'. In order to adapt the fourth commandment to the screen, director Paul Cohen is forced to work on the days when other people look for relaxation. The result is that during his quest, he gradually becomes the subject of his film. He concludes that in our present-day 24-hour economy, the Sabbath is no longer a specific, collective day of rest, but an individual 'state of being'. One reaches it in a Turkish bath on a field of grass, another in the membership of a club of 'Friends of Silence'. For a smooth-talking and agitated insurance agent, it is all about short 'flash moments', in which he briefly makes contact with 'higher forces'. Still, Cohen keeps struggling with the question whether this return to one's self, involving a great deal of activity, does justice to the devotion to God that the commandment originally alludes to.






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