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Rijssens stille oorlog

Short documentary, 2010, 52 min.

'Christians that don't adhere to the true faith are simply heathens', the manager of the Dutch Reformed bookstore in Rijssen, Overijssel thinks. Belcampo grew up in this SGP bastion and in his book Het grote gebeuren called it the only town that is as untouched as on the day of the Creation. With some irony, he describes how the dreaded Judgement Day will come about. Still, among today's thirty thousand inhabitants are some one thousand Muslims. How big the gap is between them and the adherents to the 'true faith' becomes clear during council meetings in 2010, when the Turk Sahin Yilmaz stands a fair chance to become the first Islamic councillor. The film follows a few original and 'foreign' inhabitants of Rijssen in their daily lives. While the imam preaches freedom of religion and his fellow believers emphasise the similarities between Christianity and Islam, some members of the Reformed church see Islam as an alien heresy.






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