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One Night Stand X - Wildflowers

Television drama, 2015, 50 min.

On a Frisian dairy farm, Juke keeps everything going. She takes care of her family, works among the cows, drives her old self-repaired motorbike, she can weld like the best of them and dances if there is a party. And yet something is gnawing at her. Her meeting with Joan, a woman with a boat who has seen the world, stirs up confusing emotions and a longing for freedom in Juke. On the water behind the dykes, a new adventure with Joan beckons. Can she still go back? It is easier to go where you want if there is nothing to leave behind. Juke has to decide where she really belongs.





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer


Sound designer

Sound editor

Location sound recordist

Visual effects

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