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De tunnel

Short documentary, 1994, 50 min.

Portrait of several people trying to survive in a deserted railway tunnel in
New York. For four years, documentary filmmaker Dree Andrea followed six tunnel-dwellers. The film confronts the viewer with their past, dreams and philosophies of life while illustrating the harsh reality of life in an
underground world. In the period 1989-1993 much changed in the lives of the tunnel dwellers. In 1991 the tunnel was put back into service. Since then, trains have thundered through their living room at regular intervals. For some of the inhabitants this was reason enough to start a new life above ground. Others hardly notice the disruption. In 1993 it was decided that the tunnel should be locked for safety reasons. One of the inhabitants however managed to get hold of a copy of the key and has now taken on the role of doorman. Awarded the City of Utrecht Award 1994.

other prizes

  • NL - NFF City Utrecht Award






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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