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Soldaat in den vreemde

Short documentary, 2002, 59 min.

War is friendship, unconditional companionship, feeling superior with a Kalashnikov in your hand. So say André and Raymond, two Dutchmen who joined the First Dutch Volunteer Unit in the early nineties to fight with the Croats against the Serbs. The Unit was set up by Johan Tilder, the central figure in this raw and disconcerting documentary. Tilder kept fighting on the Croatian side, also when Unprofor had made the Dutch volunteer army superfluous. He was captured by the Serbs and, according to the official reading, shot while trying to escape. The stories of André and Raymond and of the Croat Ivac Stimic - co-founder of the Unit -, together with home videos, TV images and the horrible video of Tilder's interrogation by the Serbs, tell the universal story of what war can do to people.





Cinematographer - DoP


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