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Purple Hearts - Oorlogsverhalen uit Irak

Documentary, 2004, 80 min.

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, more than 1100 American soldiers have died. In addition, over 8000 of them were wounded, often very seriously. Blind, maimed or traumatised because of missing limbs, they returned from Iraq and have to secure a position in the American society again. Nina Berman, a New York photographer, made a photo series of wounded war veterans and published the book Purple Hearts, Back from Iraq. The volume also includes accounts by the soldiers. Director Roel van Broekhoven visited the people portrayed. In the poignant film portraits he made of them, he questions them about their war experiences, about how they picked up their lives again after their return to the United States, and about their expectations for the future. And obviously the question is asked whether they ever doubt the correctness of the war in which they got wounded.




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist