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Yoy - Vast aan de ketting

Short documentary, 1998, 25 min.

Episode from the documentary series for children Yoy focusing on various ways of life for young people. Vast aan de ketting is a portrait of Sergei, a 26-year-old sailor who has been stranded for six months on a Ukrainian ship that has been impounded off the port of Vlissingen. There he has to wait with other crewmen until the financial problems surrounding the ship have been solved. His salary hasn't been paid for months. Sergei tries to kill time by playing guitar, having a game of soccer in the huge ship's hold or sailing in the sloop to Vlissingen. But the future remains unsure and despair keeps coming back. Filmmaker Aliona van der Horst shot on the Akademik Stetsjin for four days. Later the ship was used as the main location for the feature De trip van Teetje by Paula van der Oest.



Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company