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Where Was I?

Short documentary, 2001, 55 min.

In the sixties, Tim Rose wrote some classic pop songs, after which people predicted a great future for him. But he never broke through, did not sell enough records for the record company, was aggressive to his audiences and slowly slid down in alcohol and obscurity. Musicians like Nick Cave and Robert Plant still praise his work. Then, director Jacques Laureys points his camera at a chubby man with grey locks who is stringing his guitar. From the first moment, it is clear that Rose is not a simple man. Smug and sociable, able to put things into perspective but also bitter (Jimi Hendrix filched his version of Hey Joe). Illustrated by interviews with colleagues and friends, archival footage, some of Rose's best songs - accompanied by befitting road movie images - and personal conversations with Rose, both the history of pop music and a fascinating personality are unravelled.




Cinematographer - DoP


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