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Dinner with Murakami

Short documentary, 2007, 53 min.

A poetic portrait of the elusive Japanese author Haruki Murakami. He was born in 1949 as the son of a Buddhist monk and a merchant's daughter, attended a school for dramatic art, and currently lives in America, boasting an impressive list of bestsellers. Why are his books so popular in widely divergent cultures and countries all over the world? And why doesn't he like Chinese food? Filmmaker Yan Ting Yuen tries to capture Murakami's surrealist world in Japan. She invites him for dinner and asks various Japanese experts and fans about the influence Murakami's books exert on Japanese society. She examines his roots and in passing portrays modern Japan, without the platitudes that are usually addressed in the West. Will Murakami accept her invitation for dinner?





Cinematographer - DoP


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