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Milh Hadha al-Bahr - Salt of this Sea

Feature film, 2008, 109 min.

The first feature film from Palestine by a female director, Salt of this Sea is the politically and emotionally explosive story of Soraya (Suheir Hammad), a Brooklyn-born woman of Palestinian lineage who comes to Israel to search for the land and ancestral home near Jaffa from where her grandparents were ejected 60 years ago. Once she arrives, reality strikes hard and her mission to claim what is hers and fulfill her lifelong dream to "return" to Palestine is obstructed at every turn. Having discovered that her grandfather's bank account was frozen and seized in 1948, she goes to the new Ramallah branch of the bank to claim the funds. Frustrated and deluded when her demands are rebuffed, she and her new Palestinian boyfriend Emad decide to take control of their own destinies by every means possible - even if it means breaking the law.

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