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Ik sta altijd

Short documentary, 2004, 54 min.

Annemarie Grewel was `a strange, dangerous, lesbian Jewess', according to herself. And a feminist, she should have added. In this `posthumous self-portrait', Grewel, who passed away in 1998, is portrayed by means of interviews, photos and recordings of TV shows and current affairs programmes. In addition, Hanneke Groenteman's voice-over reads excerpts from Grewel's columns. After all, Grewel was not only a city councillor in Amsterdam and a member of the Upper House for the PvdA, and some say `the best chairman of Holland', but she also contributed to the Groene Amsterdammer and the Gay Krant. From the interviews, with people like Ischa Meijer, Theo van Gogh and Sonja Barend, she emerges as an enthusiastic, humorous woman with a sharp tongue. Who was not only critical of social evils, but also very candid about her homosexuality and about her cancer she eventually died of.






Cinematographer - DoP


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