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De staart van de leeuw

Documentary, 2001, 80 min.

Gys Zevenbergen returns with his parents to Africa, the continent of his youth. After working in development aid for forty years, his father wants to do some fieldwork one last time. In an Ethiopian village, he tirelessly stimulates the people to tackle their problems. But his wife, who has come along with him and is slowly becoming lonely, sighs that she is precisely the one he does not involve in things. The father trudges through the muddy jungle with a stick, but with his indomitability he wins the Ethiopians' respect. Gys Zevenbergen, seeing his idea of his father slowly change, attentively follows this final trip. The images by cameraman Melle van Essen of the village life, the nature and the villagers' faces, incessantly looking into the camera, interlards the story about the filmmaker's dad.





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