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Afgelegde weg - Een stomme film voor Henry Brant

Short documentary, 1995, 22 min.

Documentary about the 81-year-old composer Henry Brant, one of the fathers of American modern mucic. In the documentary TRAJECTORY, the aged composer talks about his youth, his studies with Copland and Antheil, te principle of spacial music and his way of composing. Archive footage show him in 1984 turning Amsterdam upside down with a three-hour concert by 100 flautists on boats in the canals. Sections from a number of Brant's most important works are also performed. The film closes with Trajectory, an abstract filmic poem made by director Frank Diamand at the request of Brant. Pictures of cornfields, waves and mountains form a harmonious union with Brant's spacial composition.






Cinematographer - DoP


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