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Twee levens

Documentary, 2011, 60 min.

On 12 December 1985, Maarten Visser disappeared near a volcano in Chile. After his final exams, he made a trip across South America. Paulus and Loes Visser immediately left for Chile to find out what had happened to him. Since then, they return every year. Filled with hope and fear, they make appeals in the local media and replace the posters. Maarten has been dominating family life for 25 years now.
For the first time, filmmaker Fifi Visser joins her parents to Chile. She follows them on their umpteenth trip along the familiar addresses. The calls made, the short interviews with her parents and the excerpts from Maarten?s letters visualise the despair. New information that a witness previously withheld produces a new clue, which leads them to the Colonia Dignidad. This community, founded by ex-Nazi Paul Schäfer, served as a torture centre under Pinochet. But nobody can help them.
While Loes refuses to accept Maarten?s death, Paulus has resigned himself to it. He explains: 'Actually, you have two lives. One that stands still and one that goes on.'





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