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Documentary, 2008, 68 min.

Of all the characters from the plays by Shakespeare, Shylock is one of the most intriguing. The film Shylock is an examination of the tragic, droll and often unbearable life of the most famous Jew in theatre history. We see him through the eyes of Tubal, the only other Jew in Shakespeare 's The Merchant of Venice. It is at the same time a philosophical and cinematographic study of our view of strangers through the ages. In this 'one-man film' with Cahid Ölmez, a colourful group of characters passes by: from Portia to Pontius Pilate, from the merchant Antonio to Adolph Hitler and from Dracula to the Wandering Jew. But Tubal, Shylock's only friend, is the leading character. With a wink, a grin and a shrug, Tubal maps out how the perspective of Shylock has developed over the centuries. He talks about Shakespeare himself, about drama, about history and about ideas. In the film, Gareth Amstrong's solo performance of the play is combined with the The Merchant of Venice in the adaptation and direction of TGA/Olana Mafalaani.





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