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De nieuwe Lola's - Leuk voor later

Series, 2005, 49 min.

The foreboding sky and music in the opening scene of the tragicomedy Leuk voor later already indicate that behind the elegant façade of the country estate disaster lurks. The birthday of mother Els takes a dramatic turn when she gets a digital video camera as a present, with which the rest of the day, starting with the 'enjoyable' brunch she prepared, has to be captured for later. During the splendidly constructed film, the tensions that have been brewing for years among the family members - father, mother, brother and sister - inevitably rise to the surface. Father Leo keeps up appearances, but son Jurgen refuses to play his role as a member of a happy middle-class family any longer and from that moment the cracks can no longer be filled up, although Els keeps making desperate attempts. 'One pleasant day a year - is that too much to ask?'





Cinematographer - DoP



Location sound recordist