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De nieuwe Lola's - Zicht op Rupert

Series, 2002, 50 min.

This directing debut is an episode from Lolamoviola, a series of TV dramas made by rising talented filmmakers. The story is set in a bleak new housing estate. Protagonist Annet is a sixteen-year-old rebellious adolescent with a deep fascination for death. She reads morbid poems by Rilke, orders crematorium brochures and has already arranged her funeral song. This is a source of great concern for her mother Lidwien, which only deepens when a peculiar man moves into the house across the street one day. The injuries to his wrists clearly indicate a suicide attempt and the ropes in his house suggest he will not leave it at one attempt. Annet tries to get into contact with her opposite neighbour. Her overanxious mother wants to do the same, partly out of curiosity, partly out of fear. Reluctantly, her husband accompanies her. The situation becomes increasingly oppressive, while the family is disrupted more and more.





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Cinematographer - DoP


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