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Voor ik het vergeet

Short documentary, 2008, 44 min.

The poignant story of the Van Eerde family and the voluntary death of their husband and father, Paul van Eerde, who suffers from premature dementia and pretty quickly after being diagnosed expresses his wish for euthanasia. That wish does not change: 'I've had a living will since 1974!' His wife, son and daughter find his death wish frightening, but all three of them are eventually prepared to support the chemist Van Eerde. Although at times his wife is afraid he will forget his wish before the time has come - what should she do then? It is punishable to actively assist him. Dutch doctors refuse to cooperate. A search along authorities and associations should bring relief.
The story consists of interviews with widow Marjan, son Govert and daughter Carolien, who in turns candidly tell their parts of the story. The interviews are alternated with footage and photos from the family archive. In various films, Paul appears himself, talking about his deteriorating memory.





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