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Huisvrouwen bestaan niet

Feature film, 2017, 103 min.

RELEASE DATES 21 DECEMBER 2017 (NETHERLANDS). Gijsje is a young, ambitious control freak who wants nothing better than getting pregnant and making a career at the advertising agency where she works. Her older sister Marjolein is married, has three children and has just lost her job as a journalist. Her new ambition: becoming a schoolyard mother. Their bohemian mother, Loes, has worked very hard with too many mortgages on the beautiful family home where she lives. Gijsje and Marjolein find the idea that they lose their family home unpalatable and look for opportunities to keep it. Only the bonus that Gijsje can earn with a golden idea for an advertising campaign can help them out of the financial problems. To this end, she and her attractive colleague Dominique should deepen herself in 'the housewife in the present'; an assignment that brings more than the three ladies ever thought.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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