take this production


Feature film, 2005, 93 min.

Using the emptiness of the sweltering desert landscape and many pans, a sultry atmosphere is evoked in this psychological thriller about a lonely service station attendant and his past. The decrepit, outdated gas station is located somewhere on the border between civilisation and the desolate desert. The attendant is an introverted, strange kid, a silent guy who kills time by using the security camera to observe and film women who halt at the gas station now and then. Father Charly, owner of the service station, produces cheap porn flicks and spends the rest of his time drinking and nagging his son. One day, beautiful Helena stops at the gas station. Steven is captivated by this artist, who moves into a nearby hotel. Steven starts spying on and filming her and makes contact. Then, one day, he receives an old videotape, and his past thrusts itself upon him in fragments.







Cinematographer - DoP


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Cast (9)

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