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Profiel: Nico Bodemeijer

Short documentary, 2008, 25 min.

In the night of 20 to 21 August in the year 1983, fifteen-year-old Kerwin Duinmeijer was stabbed to death by the then sixteen-year-old Nico Bodemeijer. Because Kerwin was black and Nico a skinhead, the media labelled the offence a racist killing. Twenty-five years later, Nico B. talks about the incident for the first time. He talks about his tough childhood with a cold-hearted mother and a father who had a war trauma: 'When my father walked the dog, my mother came to my room drunk and all hell broke loose.' He also describes the night of the fatal scuffle. 'I wanted to soothe things. Isn't that amazing?' Referring to old newspaper articles, he shows how he was stigmatised, although the court order did not consider it likely that racism was the motive. He is not bitter, but the memories of that brief moment when he lost self-control still visibly hurt.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


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Location sound recordist