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Op de drempel van het grote vergeten

Documentary, 2003, 102 min.

Accompanied by a young historian from Putten, director Thom Verheul searches for an answerable member of the German occupation army, who wants to render account for the massive raid in Putten on 2 October 1944, which led to the death of more than 540 men in German labour camps. In this investigative documentary, Verheul, whose voice-over makes no secret of his view of the enemy, and the historian pay visits to victims, archives and authorities. They even attend a reunion of Wehrmacht veterans from the Hermann Göring division that executed the raid. But they get bogged down everywhere. Most people involved have meanwhile passed away; older Germans who might be able to help them trivialise the event. When they have almost abandoned hope, they unexpectedly find a living former Wehrmacht adjudant. At first, he also beats around the bush, but then his wife starts putting pressure on him.






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