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Blackwater Fever

Feature film, 2006, 70 min.

A man who just stands by and watches when other people die, but does not have the courage to do something. This is how the main character of this almost dialogueless film, which raises the question how man arms himself against global suffering, describes himself. Suffering from blackwater fever, a severe form of malaria, the man drives across a sweltering desert somewhere between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, called the western consumer paradise by director Cyrus Frisch. The area imperceptibly changes into Africa and the Middle East. By the side of the road, distressing and horrible scenes appear: burnt-out cars, tortures, a corpse. The man ignores them, as if they are newscast images he sees flash by from the corner of his eye, as if they are just feverish dreams. When the violence affects his fellow-traveller - the woman who suddenly sits next to him during the jaunt - he can no longer escape reality.






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