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De zon heeft alles gezien

Short documentary, 1994, 40 min.

Documentary about the eventful life of artist Clara de Jong (1928-2005). Born between two world wars, grown to adulthood in the post-war years of reconstruction, Clara de Jong took up arms against everything that was 'wrong'. The paradox of a mother who died in Auschwitz and a father who was a member of the Nazi Kulturkamer, put one of the first knots in the life of the committed artist.
Almost fifty years after World War II, the viewer can make the acquaintance of her mother, the war and her stay in Paris, Amsterdam and Flanders via her stories and paintings.
As the world looked on powerless in the face of new racial purification, Clara de Jong testified to her life and opinions in a German cellar where she is exhibited her series 'The story of the Deportation of Amsterdam's Jews'.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company