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Het oog van de naald

Short documentary, 1993, 45 min.

From 1942 the Hollandsche Schouwburg (Dutch Playhouse) in Amsterdam was used as a collection point for Jews who were to be sent to Germany. Opposite the playhouse was a crèche where Jewish children were housed until they were taken away. One of the women who looked after the children was Cilly Peiser, the main character in this documentary. After the Kristallnacht in 1938, she came as a 13-year-old girl with her sister to Holland where she found herself in the Dutch Israelite Girls Orphanage. She saved her sister fro being deported with the aid of Walter Süskind and SS-guard Alfons Zündler. In this film Cilly Peiser returns with reporter Emmy Verhey to the places where the events took place before and during the war which were to change her life dramatically. She also goes in search of the good SS man.





Cinematographer - DoP


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