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Ons Waterloo

Short documentary, 2003, 38 min.

The Waterlooplein 77 café in Rapenburgerstraat in Amsterdam, where the Dutch croon song is cherished owing to proprietor Annie Bodemeijer, celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. Her husband Nico Bodemeijer, who never talks about his war experiences, runs a series of stands on the Waterlooplein market.The house next to the pub also has a reason to commemorate. In World War II, the Dutch-Jewish Girls' Orphanage was located there. During a round-up on 10 February 1943, all one hundred orphan girls were run in and deported, save one. Suzy Rottenberg tells director Sander Burger how she got away, returned to Amsterdam after the war and never dared set foot in Rapenburgerstraat again. Exactly sixty years later, the original facing bricks and lettering are restored in memory of the orphan girls.





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