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Jaargang '94 - afl. 2 - Impulsen

Short documentary, 1994, 57 min.

Part two from the series Jaargang '94 (The 1994 Year) following the ups and dows of a group of students at drama school in Amsterdam. The first episode looked at the selection year 1993-1994. Part two, entitled Dagboek van een jeugd (Diary of Youth), looks at the students who were admitted to the preparatory year after the selection procedure and also looks at a number of the young people who were dropped in the selection year. In the second preparatory year, the students learn the basic elements of their craft. This is the year when the actors-to-be explore their own potential. The drop-outs take an alternative course and fight their own battles to realise their dreams.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company