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Regie over eigen leven en sterven

Documentary, 2003, 90 min.

On the oncology ward of Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, people regularly have to decide about life and death. In the final stages of their lives, cancer patients whose treatment has been terminated can indicate how they want to spend them. Do they want to go home with painkillers and await death there, or do they choose to have their suffering ended as quickly as possible? The emaciated Henk Landa and his wife Ali ('To see the dearest in your life like this, no'), the optimistic Ewa Zalewska, the still young mother Yvonne Gerritsen, the unyielding Marijke Brands and the old but hearty Giene Richters are all faced with the same choice. Oncologist Joep Douma tries to prepare and guide them all as well as possible. Regie over eigen leven en sterven consists of three parts: about the request for euthanasia, about conveying the feared diagnosis and about the dilemmas during treatment. Filmmaker Rob Hof was allowed to be present almost everywhere, which has produced sometimes heartrending, sometimes moving, but always poignant images.





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