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La Cama - The Bed

Feature film, 2018, 95 min.

It's a hot summer in Buenos Aires. George (58) and Mabel (56) spend their last 24 hours together as a couple locked in their family home. The house was sold, and now they have to dismantle it and divide all the things they've collected in their life together between them before the moving truck arrives. That morning, Jorge and Mabel try to fuck in several ways, but everything is in vain. They both end up crying. The rest of the day, locked in their home, they move furniture, eat, have a shower, laugh, pack things, cry, laugh again, find their dead cat, bury it, play with their dog, throw away stuff, and in the middle of these emotional up and downs, they say goodbye to each other.

won prizes

  • DE - Berlin International Film Festival Forum selection

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Cinematographer - DoP



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