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Baby Blue

Feature film, 2000, 94 min.

Largely English spoken psychological thriller, labelled a film noir, which is set in a bleak housing estate during a hot summer. The life of insurance agent Peter and his wife Marian, a stewardess, changes abruptly when a British couple moves in across the street. Peter is impressed by the mysterious and beautiful Laura, whose older partner Ron, like Marian, spends a lot of time abroad. After losing his job, Peter's visits to Laura become ever more frequent. It turns out that Laura's seemingly perfect marriage has a dark side and by then Peter's relationship with Marian has also cooled. Peter and Laura feel so strongly attracted to each other that they devise an ingenious plan to get rid of Ron. What follows is a tale of intrigue and sexual intimidation.





Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer


Location sound recordist

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