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De fûke

Feature film, 2000, 90 min.

De Fûke is a war drama in the Frisian language based on the novel by Rink van der Velde. The story is set in 1943. Protagonist is Jelle Hûn, a simple fisherman who lives by Tjeukemeer with his wife and son. Although Jelle has bid farewell to his anarchistic past as campaigner for social justice in the twenties and thirties, his background continues to haunt him. Jelle's only son Germ is in the resistance and has been caught during a weapons drop in the lake. The collaborating Frisian police knows Jelle's past and takes him in for questioning too. During his imprisonment, Jelle gradually finds out what has happened to his son. He thinks back on life and takes a drastic decision. The Frisian band De Kast signed up for the soundtrack of the film.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)






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