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Hier ligt mijn hond begraven

Short documentary, 2004, 50 min.

The Israeli director Nir Kienan incorporated his experiences as a student, an inspired kibbutznik, a conscript and later a conscientious objector in the occupied territories in a personal documentary, which he unfolds with a slightly sardonic undertone and provides with an apt choice of music. Born in 1968, some nine months after the end of the Six-Day War, Kienan belongs to a generation that grows up with the ideals of the state of Israel. His life goes by without really having to think about it, until as a young army officer he shoots an armed Palestinian on a nocturnal patrol. Later, he calls the victim 'Nur', which is Arabic for 'fire'. His own name Nir means 'land' in Hebrew. For this land, the fighting once began. Kienan pays a visit to people who disagree with the war, who want to live in peace with all of their neighbours. On every cemetery Kienan goes to, a man plays live guitar.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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