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Chico ventana también quisiera tener un submarino - Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine

Feature film, 2020, 85 min.

On board a cruise ship in the seas off Patagonia, a crew member discovers a magical portal below deck leading to the apartment of a young woman in a South American city. At the same time, a group of men stumbles upon a concrete hut near their settlement in the Philippines, which frightens some of the villagers. Chico ventana también quisiera tener un submarino interweaves these two stories into a cinematographic labyrinth, in whose passageways and junctions people overlap and lose themselves just as their worlds do. Somewhere between dark engine rooms and middle-class living rooms, between the vastness of the sea and the dense tangle of the jungle, between more traditional and capitalist-modern ways of life, individuals meet and observe one another with curiosity, scepticism and anxiety. Alex Piperno is interested in precisely the moment just before the encounter – hesitant and on the threshold – and thus creates a cinema that is transitory through and through.

won prizes

  • DE - Berlin International Film Festival Forum selection

other prizes

  • DE - Berin International Festival Tages Spiegel Readers’ Jury Award

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Cinematographer - DoP


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Minority Coproductions

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