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Prettig weekend, ondanks alles

Short documentary, 2005, 57 min.

One year after the assassination of Theo van Gogh, his friend and colleague Katja Schuurman and Stan de Jong examine the government's role. They claim that 'intelligence services and the police have blundered at a large scale'. For example, it was unjustifiable that Theo van Gogh did not have government protection, and the film demonstrates that after the killing the police first examined the wrong apartment, Mohammed B's neighbour's that is. Schuurman talks to people involved, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, with whom Van Gogh made the controversial film Submission, the Amsterdam chief public prosecutor Leo de Wit, who denies statements that were previously uttered (and filmed), and film producer Gijs van de Westelaken and chief editor of Metro Jan Dijkgraaf, who both condemn the police. Archive footage shows Theo van Gogh himself, Pim Fortuyn and the attacks in New York and Madrid; replays and close-ups of TV fragments emphasise salient statements. Hofstad Group lawyer Jan Vlug claims it is 'entirely incomprehensible' that Mohammed B. was considered a minor member of the group. Or did the AIVD treat Mohammed B. so prudently because he was an AIVD informer?






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist