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Het geheim van de Saramacca rivier

Feature film, 2007, 88 min.

Prof. Dr. Horatio Treurniet, professor of Development Theories at the University of Amsterdam, for the first time in forty years arrives in his native land Surinam again to celebrate his fiftieth birthday. He is accompanied by his elegant wife Hortense, a Surinam woman five years his junior who only left for Holland when she was twenty. Their marriage has now lasted for 22 years and has remained childless. Hortense wants to use this holiday in both their native country to make clear to Horatio that she does not want to go on with him like this.
Totally preoccupied with their current marriage crisis, Dr. Treurniet and his wife are unaware that around them an intrigue has gradually been developing. A mysterious conspiracy they are oblivious to. A secret. The secret of the Saramacca River.






Cinematographer - DoP


Cast (12)

Location sound recordist

Production company