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De verhuizing, 15 jaar later

Documentary, 2007, 90 min.

Sequel to the documentary De verhuizing, following Romeo, Wil and Toos while they exchanged the psychiatric institute for a relatively independent life in Hellevoetsluis. Fifteen years later, he revisits the three protagonists. Romeo now lives together almost unguided with three other people. He is still bothered by 'the devil' in his head, but he can manage. Wil passes his days watching television, with opera and Buitenhof as his favourite programmes. Toos, who prior to her illness was in for a promising career in music, is doing not so well. She has developed Parkinson's disease, speaks almost unintelligibly soft, and visibly suffers under life. Only the visits by her friend Henk keep life bearable. Images of the daily routine are alternated with extracts from De verhuizing and interviews with the three, in which they, with disarming candour and a great deal of self-knowledge, talk about the past, present and future.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


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