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Een noodlottige ontmoeting

Documentary, 2007, 65 min.

On 19 December 1972, Netty van Hoorn was a witness to a murder in a Spanish camp site bar. In the voice-over, the filmmaker tells about the drama and about the trial of the shooter. He turned out to be an East-German who had come to Spain under a false name. Georg Welzel was executed in 1974. Being the crown witness, Van Hoorn still feels guilty about this.
33 Years after the events, she travels to former East Germany and speaks with Georg's family. They candidly talk about their confined childhood in this communist country. They do not know how and why Georg went to Spain. In Spain, the relatives of the murdered Antonio are called on. Antonio grew up under the Franco regime and worked for the Guardia Civil. Why he came to the bar in 1972 is an enigma. Van Hoorn also visits the military archives in Barcelona and speaks with a lawyer of the day. She tries to unravel the backgrounds of three youngsters who met on a fateful afternoon.




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company