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Obermans actie

Short documentary, 2001, 31 min.

Documentary portrait of 43-year-old Karel Oberman, son of the famed World War II resistance hero Piet Kramer, the man who carried out the surprise attack on Leeuwarden prison.
Karel Oberman works as a warehouseman in his family's timber yard. As the business still bears his name, he feels he should stay loyal to the company, although he is more disposed towards a job in the military. But he has never been in the army, even as a conscript: his mother saw to it that he was exempted owing to his brothers' service. Fortunately, he can now devote himself to the Korps Nationale Reserve, where not only military actions are carried out during exercises, but where an all-out effort is also required when fighting catastrophes like swine fever or the foot-and-mouth crises. In these cases, Oberman really smartens up.
Filmmaker Pieterjan Wouda filmed Oberman at home, in the timber yard and at the Korps, thereby portraying an ordinary man who has missed his vocation.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company