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Anybody There..?

Documentary, 2009, 60 min.

Increasingly, parents seem unable to cope with their children. And school teachers are having trouble with certain students. It seems that aggressive and shiftless teenagers keep a substantial part of Holland awake as well as providing it with an income. Waiting lists at Child Welfare are a mile long. Courses shoot up like mushrooms. Wim Keyl (cattle farmer) and Jan Geyteman (social worker for homeless youngsters), two burly men with shaved heads, have devised an unorthodox method. Whether it involves loitering village youths, Moroccan street rascals, teenagers doing community service or vulnerable ADHD children: in an unparalleled way, Keyl and Geyteman manage to tame them and even make them amenable.
But now things are getting serious, because Minister Rouvoet announced that anyone involved with problematic youngsters must be certified within two years. Geyteman and Keyl have no diplomas whatsoever; they work from personal experience and common sense. The two men threaten to get stuck between the grinding stones of over-legislation.






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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