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Vrouwen van vandaag

Documentary film, 1994, 150 min.

After a long series of features, the Minimal Movie movement presents its first documentary in the shape of Vrouwen van vandaag (Today's Women. This video documentary aims to provide a picture of the position of women in the nineties. In one of the hottest weeks of the summer of 1994, the makers talked to eight women. Women of different ages and from different backgrounds. With a cloth to wipe away the sweat within reach, these women talk openly about friendship, relationships, sex, children, parents, education and work. The film focuses on the changing role patterns between men and women, children's place in the lives of women, the influence of parents, not only in former days, but now too. Vrouwen van vandaag is a film that analyses the position of women, as Kees Brusse in 1964 examined the position of youth in the early sixties in his film Mensen van morgen (Tomorrow's People).




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company