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Feature film, 2019, 90 min.

DEVELOPMENT. Éva is allergic to all kinds of chemical substances, radio waves and electronic fields. She needs to stay in total isolation and can have almost no contact with her environment. Her apartment was transformed into an isolated shelter and she can leave it only in a special protective gear. The slightest mistake may cause her death. Éva has lost her job and has no friends anymore, only her brother, Gyuri takes care of her. He has brought a lawsuit against a mobile company because he believes that the mobile transmitter installed on the top of the building across the street is responsible for Eva’s worsening condition. The mobile company hires András, a psychiatrist, to prove that Eva’s illness is solely psychological. During his visits Éva and András become more and more intimate. Éva’s condition starts improving thanks to András’ presence and the emotional bond between them becomes increasingly strong. As Éva is getting better, András gradually prepares her to leave her apartment without any protective devices.
Can András save Éva? Is love able to save both us and this contaminated world?




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