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Feature film, 2017, 115 min.

RELEASE DATES 24 MAY 2018 NL. A dark fairy tale about unrequited love, based on a well-known Estonian cult novel. In this film, pagan stories and Christian myths come together. The story plays in Estonia, a place where werewolves live, the plague reigns and spirits wander around. Surviving in this rough society is not easy. The peasant girl Liina is in love with Hans, a village boy. Hans is madly in love with a German baroness who has everything he seeks in a woman. Liina does not give up and goes to the battle to win Hans. With: Jörgen Liik, Rea Lest and Arvo Kukumägi.

won prizes

  • US - New York Tribeca Film Festival
  • EE - Tallinn Film Festival PÖFF
  • BY - Minsk International Film Festival

other prizes

  • US - Virginia Film Festival

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