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Ien fan us (Een van ons)

Short documentary, 2009, 30 min.

A mixed company of old and young Frisians and Germans meet each other around a long table for dinner. These are the families Zoodsma and Haseloh, whose friendship remarkably dates back to WW II. Jacob Zoodsma was rounded up during the war and taken to a German camp in Ahlem, near Hanover. By the time the camp was liberated, there was hardly any transportation to the Netherlands. And Jacob was so weak he had to find lodging somewhere. He received a warm welcome with the farmer's family Haseloh, who took him in until he had recovered. In the following years, the families kept visiting each other, until today.
Penninga talks to Wally, Jacob Zoodsma's widow, and the aged women from the Haseloh family about the origins of this extraordinary tie between both families. He also examines what the camp in Ahlem looks like today and shows poignant archive footage of the liberation of the camp in 1945, when Jacob still had a long way to go before he could return to Friesland.




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