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Alles is licht - Jan Henderikse

Short documentary, 2001, 53 min.

A lighting installation in a church is the thread through Alles is licht - Jan Henderikse (All Is Light - Jan Henderikse), a portrait of this visual artist. In the beginning, he shows a nightlight shaped like Jesus, with huge numbers of which he makes an enormous installation. During the preparation, Henderikse's method becomes clear. In fact, he does not make anything - he buys things, mainly kitsch, and uses them. A good example is the posters with announcements of special offers that the supermarket would simply throw away. Henderikse signs and sells them. The artist, with studios in New York, Berlin and Antwerp, seems to approach his work as a game, but reacts resentfully to criticism. With a striking, rasping voice, he talks about his past as a member of the Nul (Zero) movement and about his ideas about art and artists.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Production company