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Liever de lucht in

Documentary, 2011, 67 min.

A crane moves graciously above the Van Speijkstraat in Amsterdam. The bird?s eye view from the crane is the connecting element between the mini-portraits of six residents. 47 nationalities live on this street.
Fine artist Janou is fascinated by the hoisting cranes in her neighbourhood that she sees as sentinels. Fatou?s family in the Gambia does not believe people in Europe can be poor. All Africans keep up the myth to the home front that everybody is wealthy here. Arnold is told that the tree he used to climb is largely dead. Arnold himself limps, due to an illness. Mariamma comes home after the bank has claimed the house she slaved away for. Vera needs rest and likes to visit the graveyard. After her baby?s birth, Katarina is looking for a challenge, while her partner Sylvain dreams of becoming a coffee trader. In different ways, they all face an important decision.





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