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Bumblefuck, USA

Feature film, 2011, 91 min.

When a young gay friend commits suicide in a small American village, the Dutch Alexa (Cat Smits) travels to the scene of the calamity to shoot a documentary. She interviews young gay men and women there about their experiences. Meanwhile, she becomes friendly with her temporary landlord Lucas, who fails to interpret her directness correctly. And she gets confused about her feelings for Jennifer, a lesbian artist who watches Alexa?s flirtations with due suspicion. The development of the different relationships, as well as Alexa?s personal development, is registered in a calm tempo, leaving ample space for non-verbal communication. The film is interlaced with fragments from documentary interviews that Cat Smits actually did with various young people, including Heidi M. Sallows, who plays Jennifer in the film. Director Aaron Douglas Johnston dedicated his feature debut to his cousin Matthew, who committed suicide shortly after his coming out.

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