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It's Magic Time

Documentary film, 2002, 93 min.

It's Magic Time follows the vicissitudes in and around 'multi-channel experience marketing company' Magic Minds, brainchild of the irrepressibly optimistic ('On moratorium day, I play the piano') entrepreneur Erik Bartels. In a time when many good digital things must come to an end, this company converted its office for 3.6 million euros. Despite 'experience domes', a roof club and workout facilities, the relaxed Magic Minds atmosphere is soon replaced by rigorous commercialism. Sales targets and utilisation rates are not met, creditors are on their doorstep, and moneylender Nesbic is making things hot for them. After the first round of dismissals, the company gets in a free fall that leads to the verge of bankruptcy. Filmmaker Marco Zuilhof registered the developments at first hand. Negotiations, quarrels, dismissals and Bartels's fits of rage: Zuilhof was present. This makes It's Magic Time a stirring and disconcertingly concrete drama in a world of brand values and hot air.



Cinematographer - DoP


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