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Carneval in Mestreech 't sjoenste leedsje

Short documentary, 2008, 52 min.

Carnival in Maastricht is serious business. This also holds true for the carnival songs. Annie van Loo, the first female writer of native Maastricht songs, explains what a good song is made of, while participants in the colourful parade say what their 'sjoenste leedsje' (favourite song) is. In a poll held a few years ago by De Limburger daily, Karneval in Mestreech from 1947 was pronounced the best all-time song. But also songs with titles like Jij bent mijn nichtje, Mijn fietsje and 'k heb iets aan mijn trommeltje, are popular. Besides Van Loo, other prominent representatives of the carnival, like the Master of Ceremonies and the chairman of the Music Committee, talk about the traditions of carnival and how they are currently under pressure under the influence of the multicultural society. Interviews alternate with gaudy images of the procession.





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