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The Other Side of the Heart Is White

Documentary, 2014, 68 min.

Supporters from all walks of life try to describe what makes so many inhabitants of Rotterdam love the red-and-white of Feyenoord so much. But, as one fan puts it: 'You can't explain it, you just have to feel it.' Made by a supporter for supporters.

There are few football clubs with fans as passionate as those of Feyenoord, the Rotterdam team of rolling up your sleeves, working side-by-side and getting on with it. The documentary The Other Side of the Heart Is White is about this unconditional support. Not the players, but the super-fanatical supporters play the lead. A handful of them, from sponsors to prominent members and a child explain their intense ties with their team. The passionate stories are accompanied by exceptional shots of the stadium, city and port. Because Feyenoord is Rotterdam and everything it encompasses. Director Pansier, a fan himself, wants his documentary to show the players what loving your team means. Those who can't live without the players, get a brief treat from Pansier: a few famous Feyenoord team members have affecting walk-ons.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Crystal Film (10,000 visitors documentary)

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